Sexual Assault Prevention & Night Club Safety

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Sexual Assault Prevention_coverPrecautions should always be taken, no matter where you go. When going to a bar, a party, or other social event, try not to go alone. Bring a friend so you can watch out for each other, and you won’t have to walk to your car by yourself. Never accept a drink from anyone except the bartender and watch your drink being mixed. Don’t share or exchange drinks. Never leave your drink unattended, giving someone the opportunity to slip something into it. If in doubt, order a new drink just to be on the safe side. Never leave a bar or club with someone you have just met, especially if you are feeling intoxicated. If you do leave the bar with someone, make sure your friend or someone knows that you are leaving, and with whom.

Most importantly, stay sober. Alcohol impairs judgement and memory.

Sexual Assault Prevention Safety Tips:

  • Learn neighborhood danger zones and avoid them: dark parking lots, alleys, walk ways with tall shrubs, walls and fences.
  • Move away from unsafe situations if you feel threatened.  Run! Scream “Help”, “Call 9-1-1” or “Fire” for quickest response.

When in Bars & Clubs:

  • Know Before You Go: if you go home with someone you don’t know, first introduce the person to friends, bartenders or others you know. Exchange names and phone numbers.
  • Remember drinking and partying affects your judgement: Be Safe!
  • Report all sexual assaults!

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If you are a victim of sexual assault – get help. Call the police, a friend, or a rape crisis center. Don’t isolate yourself, don’t feel guilty, and don’t just try to forget about it.  If you have a lapse of memory, or wake up in a strange place and feel you might have been a victim of a sexual assault, contact a local law enforcement agency immediately.  Get medical attention as soon as possible. Do not shower, wash, douche, change your clothes or bedding.Valuable evidence could be destroyed!  Remember – Rapists are repeat offenders. By reporting this crime, you may save someone else from being attacked.

Produced with information provided by the West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board and the Partner Abuse Education Task Force. The City of West Hollywood prides itself on being a safe city with a very diverse group of residents and visitors who enjoy West Hollywood’s restaurants, retail shops, and nightlife.

Although West Hollywood is a safe place to live and visit, please remember that hotel guests, club patrons and residents can be targets for crime. Precautions should always be taken, no matter where you go. To help make your nightlife in West Hollywood a safe and enjoyable one, we are providing you with this safety information.

Incidents of Sexual Assault & Rape:  Call 9-1-1 immediately!
Calling from a cell phone may delay response. If possible,save your clothes, don’t shower or brush teeth, & seek medical attention immediately.

Sexual Assault Assistance:
Peace Over Violence: (310) 392-8381
Rape Treatment Center, SM-UCLA Med Center: (310) 319-4000
Sexual Assault Information Websites: National:   California:

For more information:
City of West Hollywood Public Safety Department: (323) 848-6414  TTY (323) 848-6496
West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station: (310) 855-8850