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Law Enforcement Requirements & Fire Safety


Film Office Logo GreenLaw Enforcement Requirements

In most cases, law enforcement personnel is required while filming in West Hollywood. When officers are required by the Film Liaison, the film company must contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Headquarters at (323) 267-4814 to reserve deputies for film work. The number of deputies required and the hours they are required to be at the location is determined by the West Hollywood Film Liaison. The County Sheriff's Department will separately invoice charges for deputies' services.

Fire Safety

Each request for filming will be reviewed by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Fire Safety Officers (on-duty fire personnel) or Advisors (off-duty or retired fire personnel) may be required per this review. For specific questions, contact the County Fire Inspector at (818) 364-8240. Charges for fire personnel services will be separately invoiced by the County Fire Department.