David Wilson

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David WilsonAs the Assistant City Manager, David Wilson is responsible for overseeing the department’s three divisions, which include General Accounting, Revenue Management, and Information Technology and acts as the City’s Risk Manager and Treasurer. In this position, Wilson assists the Executive Team in accomplishing all major initiatives while maintaining a balanced budget.

Prior to being appointed Director of Finance, Wilson served as the City’s Budget & Compensation Manager for four years where his duties included preparing and monitoring the City’s budget and oversight of the City’s payroll and benefits. Wilson has been employed by the City of West Hollywood for more than 13 years serving as a Senior Management Analyst in the City Manager’s Office and a Project Development Administrator in Housing and Redevelopment before moving to the Finance and Technology Department.

Wilson holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from the University of California at Berkeley and the master’s degree in Planning from the University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development.