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The Innovation Division’s mission is to enhance the community’s quality of life through innovation.  The division is the City’s enterprise-wide innovation organization, providing solutions that enable partners across all City departments to engage, empower, and improve life for citizens and advance new ideas to stimulate creative solutions to complex urban challenges. The Innovation Division manages the WeHo Smart City Strategic Initiative, WeHoX Innovation and Technology Program, Street Media Program, and leads the discovery of innovative solutions and process improvements that advance better, smarter, faster business decisions, enhanced delivery of City services, and promotes West Hollywood's advancement through technology.

Our Innovation Manager is Francisco J. Contreras, AICP. 

WeHo Smart City
In West Hollywood, life happens at a human scale. Residents walk to the farmer’s market, visitors bar hop on foot, and business people ride their bikes to work. The Smart City Initiative is a collection of projects by the City of West Hollywood that use technology to enhance the vibrant lives lived within a WeHo city block.

Street Media
The goal of the West Hollywood Street Media Project is to create a unified pedestrian wayfinding and street media system that uses technology to integrate mapping, signage, information throughout the City for enhanced urban design, and promotion of public transit use. 

WeHoX was launched in 2014 to expand the City of West Hollywood’s leadership in civic innovation, and apply innovative, collaborative thinking to civic challenges both inside and outside of City Hall. WeHoX is designed to engage the diverse and talented members of the West Hollywood community in dialogue with City staff to improve the City’s capacity for innovation. WeHoX looks to the cutting edge industries and entrepreneurs operating in the City to find innovative solutions that will make West Hollywood a better place to live, work, and play.