City Hall

Current Vacancies


city hallThe City of West Hollywood has openings with the following Advisory Boards, Commission and Working Groups:

  • Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board -  One (1) position - (Female)
    Direct appointment (Duran)

  • Planning Commission - One (1) position
    Direct appointment (Duran)
  • Disabilities Advisory Board - Two (2) positions
    At-Large Appointment
    Direct Appointment (Meister)

  • Senior Advisory Board - One (1) position
    At-Large Appointment

  • Women's Advisory Board - Two (2) Positions
    Direct appointment  (Heilman)
    Direct appointment (Meister)


Application for Advisory Board Appointment [PDF]
Application for Commission Appointment [PDF]
Application for Eastside Working Group Appointment [PDF]

Applications are kept active for one year.  For more information on each, please visit our Commission and Advisory Board page.